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We offer Weapon Accessories and Custom Kydex Holsters

Customer Testimonials

I just got my SDZ Kydex holster for a Walther P22. I had looked high and low for a LH holster for the P22 without any luck...until I found SDZ. I balked a little at the price of a "plastic" holster (most go for $25-45), but my kid is a lefty and I didn't have much choice. I even considered making a leather scabbard myself (I have made several holsters that work well, but are not the best looking). Anyway, I ordered the holster online and I could not be any happier! The rig shipped BEFORE you said it would, it is well made, fits like a glove, is adjustable, and is "Made in America"! Thanks for a super set-up at a price that is more than fair! You will see more business from me. A VERY satisfied customer, Chris Kelliher Team Kelliher 

Team Kelliher said on 3/13/13 - 08:49PM


I talked to Scott at a gun show earlier this year and was very impressed with the quality and workmanship of his products, you can't beat his prices either! I bought an XDM 5.25 and searched the internet for an IWB holster without any luck. I now have a quality IWB holster that is fit to this pistol, comfortable, fast, easy to put on and take off, has good retention and did not break the bank. Thank you Scott. Also, customer service was second to none! I will be doing business with this guy again and I highly recommend you do too.

Mike from Phoenix said on 11/10/13 - 12:52PM


Hey guys I've bought an LC9 RUGER OWB,GLOCK 19 OWB,GLK 26 IWB, S&W SHIELD 9MM OWB and I will call another order in for a S&W shield 9MM IWB very soon .You make a top quality holster and I won't buy any other to protect myself and my family. Thank you very much and God Bless you your family and all your helpers.

Rudolf Sienega said on 8/8/13 - 09:03PM